Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Guest post: Our Little Creative Thinkers

By Janine Georgiou-Z 
Article 1
In the 21st Century our children need to be creative and critical thinkers. We are continuously moving forward into times of new challenges. Creative thinkers will pave the way as problem solvers and engineers of the future. 

When your child says “ I love to draw” what they are saying is that that they love to use the creative side of their mind. This is an expression of one of their many gifts and talents. This gift if nurtured will enrich their lives in many ways. One way will be to infuse all areas of their education.  Creative thought processes  will help them explore other subjects with curiosity and search for creative solutions to problems that arise. Joy in one area inspires contentment and enriches abilities in another. 

The very beginning of this creative process is the wonderful stories children are told that inspire their imagination and the mucky stuff we let them touch and explore, like paint and textured creative materials. These are a feast for the hungry mind of child. As you know if you feed them well they will flourish as will the creative spirit that dances with the arts. All one needs to get stared is their little ones and a few simple materials. 

When my teens were toddlers I threw a huge sheet of paper on the kitchen floor, and had 6 colours of paint at hand, as well as a bucket of soapy water and some towels. We had a blast. The paper became a beautiful mural of hands and feet and I think a nose or I know it’s not an everyday event especially with a busy household, but trust me it is one of those events that are never forgotten, for the pure creative fun of it. Take photos and stick the poster on the ceiling so they can look up at it while lying on the floor. Even if it’s just for little while. Of course you want to wait until it dries. 

These moments will inspire future creative moments in both you and your children. Get messy and have fun!

Janine G-Z . 
Janine’s school of Fine Arts. 
Newmarket, On