Thursday, September 6, 2012

Is it OK for my boy to be a boy and for a little girl to be a girl?

Well, this is a long name for a short article, but I just really wanted to put my 2 cents.

This article here talks about fuss some moms created, signing petitions against pink and purple Lego game "Friends", which is clearly targeting little girls. And its not that I care about it or those moms, I just do have an opinion on this matter.

I think there is nothing wrong with a girl liking pink dolls and flowers, yellow butterflies and fluffy doggies and teddy bears. Mind you, I don't see anything wrong with the same girl enjoying a car toy, but it has to be by choice, not because other things are not available to her.

 Same goes for the boys. I noticed how my son, who is not even 2 years old yet, goes crazy about trucks, diggers, cars, buses, airplanes and power tools. I didn't teach him that, and he didn't learn to like it from TV or an in-store ad. That's just him. He likes these big machines and powerful tools, and doesn't really give a damn about fluffy toys and flowers.

What I'm trying to say, is the kids are born like this. Its a part of nature. Naturally, a little girl will like to take care of a doll, will feed it and pat its back, the same way her mom does it to her. Why would one want to take this girly girl and turn her into a tom boy? Who will she turn into, when she grows up, if we don't nurture her instincts of being a caring woman, and will put in her mind artificially, that girls and boys are the same, NO DIFFERENCE?

I'm expecting all of you hate me right now. Yes, I do think there is a difference between boys and girls, and men and women! Not the kind of difference, that allows some get paid more for the same work done, but the kind of difference, that sparks love and desires, the very emotions, that inspired generations of poets, composers, artists, builders to create beautiful things, works of art, worthy of keeping on Earth for hundreds of years. (Yes, some of them were gay, but that's besides the point).

Such aggressiveness in keeping boys and girls "the same" to my opinion, in the long run separates the society and promotes "aloneness" and isolation, because genders are complete by themselves, and are not looking for "the other half" any more. So the society will gradually just die out.

Mind you, I am not a sociologist, I don't have any research studies data handy, and to have scientific proof is not my point. All I'm trying to do here, is to express my feelings and thoughts about such trend among some moms and also media, that is trying to please everyone, and is so afraid now to come out and say "men and women are different".