Thursday, February 7, 2013

Guest blogger: Janine Georgiou-Zeck

Name: Janine Georgiou-Zeck


Bio: Founder of JZART Studio and Janine’s School of Fine Arts Newmarket, presents workshops in studio on Saturday’s and to a variety of schools and groups throughout York Region.

Mediums: Textiles, Watercolour, Oil, Acrylic painting, drawing & 3D designs. 

A portfolio of over 200 classes and still designing workshops to help build confidence in students.

Janine's School of Fine Arts was founded on a love for creativity. For Six years Janine has shared her joy for art with students from all over York Region. The studio has grown from the tiny seed of volunteering to a colourful ever expanding community studio. Her workshops are simply a joyful journey into the world of art. The community includes the residents of the local health center, public and private school students, neighbours and friends. Both the participants and their families become part of this experience because of the joy of art.

Janine's Textile work was featured in Canada"s sewing magazine "A Needle Pulling Thread", spring edition 2011. 

 For more information, a free trial class, and to sign up your child for a course, please contact:

Janine G-Z . 
Janine’s school of Fine Arts. 
Newmarket, On