Wednesday, December 26, 2012

30 fun things to do this Holiday Season and the rest of the winter

I love the lists of important stuff to do with your kids during every season. I found many kinds online and decided it would be fun to make our own! So together with Connie we compiled a fun list of activities to do this winter. Technically, the winter just begun a few days ago, so here it comes!

  1. Decorate for Christmas differently than last year.
  2.  Light up the decorated tree every night. 
  3. Build a snow castle (almost done! Not enough snow still...) 
  4. Bake some cookies for gifts and eat them instead. 
  5. Watch Christmas cartoons and movies all day. 
  6. Make snow angels. 
  7.  Light up the fire in the fire place and cuddle around it. 
  8. Burn an aromatic cinnamon-scented candle. 
  9. Have a slumber breakfast party with friends. 
  10. Cook and eat a new dish.
  11. Cut down a real Christmas tree at a farm 
  12. Take a winter train ride 
  13. Go for a winter hike in a forest 
  14. Go crazy carpeting (mom and dad too!!!) 
  15. Peak in your stocking  
  16. Write a "special" Christmas coupon for your spouses stocking  
  17. Go skating!! 
  18. Jump in the snow and then into a hot tub.
  19. Watch at least one foreign movie, something different about the Holidays Season
  20. Catch some snowflakes, look at them closely 
  21. Cut snowflakes out of paper 
  22. Make a bird feeder. Here is a great idea!
  23. Learn a new song 
  24. Forgive somebody 
  25. Check out a book from a library and read it 
  26. Dance every morning... no time? How about while making breakfast! 
  27. Visit an old friend.
  28. Make a plan for the rest of the year and follow through.
  29. Make a snowman out of something other than snow.
  30. Have a late night up with kids. 

Please comment! Add your things-to-do and I will add them to this list.