Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Guest blogger, Nellie Johnson: Stages of Childbirth

Since many of our Goober Gang moms are expecting now their second babies and with the due dates approaching fast, I think this article from our new guest blogger, Nellie Johnson of Laborade.com, would be an interesting read.

Nellie Johnson is a registered nurse and certified Lamaze educator. Her work is based in organic practices that help mothers and mothers-to-be gather the knowledge that they need to trust their own intuition and do what they believe is the best for the physical and emotional health of themselves and their families.

If you have questions for Nellie, just email her at: nellie [at] laborade [dot] com.

It looks complicated at first glance: 4 rows, 4 columns, ranges, pie charts, new terminology.  However, focus your eyes on the far right column with the pictures of the little pregnant lady faces.  Those four images sum up birth.

1st Face: “I’m having a baby!”  Contractions have begun but are not painful or frequent enough to get in the way of life.  You go for  a walk, bake a birthday cake and call your mom.

2nd Face: “Let’s do this.”  With contractions getting longer, stronger and closer together you get more serious and instinctually activate your plans for baby’s arrival.

3rd Face: “Oh sh*t, I forgot this was going to hurt.”  This brief phase is intense with lots of contractions and few breaks.  Feeling helpless is common and support people are key.

4th Face: “I need to push!”  You can’t deny this feeling and find a new sense of determination, strength and relief.

Ta-da!  Cute little baby on your chest.
If you find more comfort in knowing the numbers and terminology around , explore the rest of the picture.  You’ll discover that that 1st Face represents “Early Labor”, that Stage 2 starts when the cervix is 10cm, and every other detail about the phases and stages of labor.
(photo courtesy of Childbirth Graphics)