Friday, October 5, 2012

Tip: to avoid night time flooding

In our Goober Gang group, we already discussed this issue, exchanging tips on how to prevent night time flooding, as babies and toddlers often sleep through the night on their tummies.

I suggested double diapering for the night, which works great. Recently, though, I noticed that double or not, Santino still often wakes up wet. And, its not because the diaper was so full, rather the diapers got pulled down over the night, and the pee escaped from the top. This issue does not depend on the size, make and style of the diaper. I tried various kinds and styles.

It seems, that I found a solution: I put the diaper backwards. It goes up his tummy and stays there, while the front part stays in place on his bum.

P.S. I hear, its something that other moms practice as well, but I wanted to share this tip anyways. Works magic!