Sunday, October 7, 2012

Please, take my picture!

Its the holiday season. I consider Thanksgiving pretty much the start of the holiday season, that brings along the photo sessions together at the table, near the fire place, everybody in costumes, and so forth. I do try and stay away from the camera as I don't feel comfortable looking at myself these days. More often than not I hate myself on the photos I see. Plus, my kid and my relatives all look much better than me, so I just wait aside for all the snapping cameras to stop.

I am wrong doing that. I do have a few pictures of myself with Santino, but I somehow now I feel its not enough. He will want to see as much of me as possible when he grows up. He loves me as I am, loves my tummy, my hands, my smile, and never pays attention to my make up or hair.

I spend my life trying to make my son's life happier, better and fuller. I don't really have much energy left for myself, so should I be left out and always be on the background? The answer is NO! I want to be there as much as possible, be in the picture, in the life and in the memories.

This article here really made me change my attitude towards picture taking as a mom with a child. Well, first it made me cry, and then I changed my attitude. Such a great article, so true, so down to earth simple and ingeniously positive. I tagged this post under "easy tips for beautiful moms" because it is so easy and so simple: we all are already beautiful as we are! So let's just be in that picture.