Monday, July 23, 2012

Fun with bubbles and color

I found a bunch of great ideas on how to create all kinds of fun with food coloring for kids. One of the ideas was adding food coloring to the lather. I know Santino always enjoys playing with the soap lather in the bathtub, so I was sure he was going to enjoy mixing colors in the foam.

I used a squirt of dish washing liquid, added water and voila - a bucket full of foam to play is ready to play! Then I added just a few drops of food colors, and fun began.

I think I made a little mistake and added a bit too much water, so my colors sank in the water. The water got color, and the bubbles - not so much. But that's ok! It was enough for a great game of picking up lather and trying to blow it off the hands!

What a great sensory fun at home!

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