Monday, July 23, 2012

The Maid needs a Maid

Come on into my house, take your socks off and leave them on the floor, leave your garbage and your change on the dining room table, just do it, everyone else does. Don't worry about it, the maid will get it. ... Well guess what, I am the maid!!

One thing I hate about being at home is all the work that comes with it. The more we are at home, the more mess piles up. The never ending dishes, the never ending laundry, the constant picking up of toys, it's all too much!

This is one of the reasons I cannot wait to get back to work. I know I can't escape housework forever, but at least if I'm not home, I don't have to see it. Also, my hubby has a 'since you're home, it's your responsibility' attitude, which I think is fair enough since he works an insane number of hours a week. When I am back to work, he will take on his share.

I did not realize how easy I had it when I was on mat leave with my first child. My apartment was always spotless, and I had all the time in the world to do what I want. In the early days, I would watch movies as my baby slept. Now, with my second, I have watched one full movie in the last 6 months. Usually I just give up watching half way though because I'm thinking of all the other productive things I could be doing.

In order to get anything done I have to either wait until both kids are sleeping (they almost NEVER sleep at the same time) or put on a whole charade to make cleaning fun.

And then my toddler tries to 'help'. As soon as I sweep the crumbs into a pile, he runs his broom over my pile sending the dirt everywhere! I wish I thought cleaning was as fun as my toddler did.

Anyway, as I am taking a break from cleaning, I thought I'd put together a few tips to make cleaning with a toddler a bit easier:

- I try to make a habit of having my toddler clean up after himself on a regular basis

- Get your child their own child size cleaning set, these usually include brooms and dustpans and such.
             Side note: For over a year I have been cursing toy companies for only making cleaning toys in pink. As if cleaning is associated only with girls! This made me so mad because I try to be gender neutral. I try to be so gender neutral that I would have bought him a pink set if my husband didn't roll his eyes at me. Anyway,I finally found cleaning sets in blue at Toys R Us and it made me happy. Yay Gender equality!

- When we want to do a 'deep clean' of all our toys, we set up a Car Wash (because most of my toddler's toys have wheels). He helps wash his toys. And it's fun for everyone!

- We use natural cleaning products so its ok for Liam to help with the dusting

I think the most important tip is don't over do it .. a happy you is more important than a clean house. And get outside! The more you are out the less mess you can make!

Do you have any tips to add?



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