Monday, August 20, 2012

Right on Schedule

Freud was right about one thing, toddlers are anal control freaks! Well mine is anyway. Shortly after Liam turned two, it seems as though everything has become a battle of wills. I feel like I spend most of my time bargaining with a toddler! So I came up with a solution...

I made some activity cards on the computer, had them laminated and stuck magnets on the back. Each day I am going to put together our picture schedule to follow.

Our Day: Eat Breakfast, Get Dressed, Brush Teeth, Go in the Car, Go see friends, Nap Time, Wash Hands, Eat Lunch, Go to Library, Snack, Dust, Tidy Up, TV Time, Eat Dinner, Bath Time, Play Time, Pajamas, Brush Teeth, Read Books, Bed Time

When I introduced this to Liam, he absolutely loved it! He was so excited to have a visual plan of our day. He even showed his dad what we were going to do tomorrow. I'm really hoping this new visual schedule will make my life a little easier, after all, he can't talk back to the fridge.

I incorporated some simple chore activities that he can help me with, such as sweep floors and tidy up. I am also planning on leaving some blank spaces where Liam can chose from a few activities. Once each activity is completed, I will ask Liam to remove it from the schedule so he can easily see where we are at at any time. 

Other Activity Cards: Go see Family, Go to Doctors, Music Time, Go to Play Group, Go to the Farm, Fold Clothes, Go to Grocery Store, Craft Time, DVD Time, Go to the Store, Play Time, Sweep Floors, Go to the Park, Go to the Mall, Snack, Go for a Walk.

I used magnets because I had lots of space on my fridge, but this can easily be done with velcro and bristol board.