Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nanny Robina and CityLine!

A little while ago we had the pleasure of meeting Nanny Robina! An expert on everything parenting! Of course I jumped at the opportunity to ask her what I could about getting baby girl to sleep through the night because whatever I was doing was not working! I had explained to her that I was having some real trouble getting her into a good sleep schedule. Please visit my blog to read more about Audri's sleep training.

Nanny suggested the first thing I needed to do was get her into a good routine. Routine is everything for babies! Although we did have a night time routine since the week we brought her home from the hospital, her daytime was a little more staggered. Since getting the day time in place we noticed a big difference in Audrina’s sleeping patterns. She usually only gets up once around 11-12 p.m. for a feeding, then sleeps the rest of the night! Notice I said usually. All of a sudden over the last few days she has been waking up between 2-3 a.m. Some nights she puts herself back to sleep, other night she screams bloody murder until I go in and shush her to sleep. I’m so worried this is going to set her back again and it’s back to no sleep for us all. 

On Wednesday Aud and I went down with Nanny Robina to a taping of CityLine! It was lot’s of fun and a busy morning! It will air on Wednesday August 15th on City Tv at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. tune in as I will ask Nanny Robina why this could be happening! Please tune in to our blog, as Nanny agreed to guest blog for our Goober Gang Mag, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her give some of her expert advice on parenting!

You can read more about Nanny Robina here, or on her website:

Nanny Robina for Goober Gang Mag.

  • Establish a routine as part of your daily pattern of care.
  • To a new baby a routine may be more comforting than any single soothing technique.  You need to let your baby know daily what is about to happen
  • As soon as you bring your baby home, establish a simple routine, like bathing at the same time each day or Reading the same book, humming the same lullaby.
  •  Being able to count on the same things, day in day out is comforting to a new baby.
  • At around three months keep the routine and start to introduce a schedule. Babies on a schedule settle far more easy that those that do not have one.
  • Your baby will now be ready for a new sleep schedule as they begin to come out and transition from all that sleep that was needed for the first three months of their fastest growing time.

 Once your baby turns three months you may notice a change in their sleep pattern as they take on less sleep.