Monday, August 13, 2012

Little tip for easier cooking

So this is my new "don't cook without it" tool: sieve!

Before I would either collect all the vegetable clippings in a bowl, or collect them in a plate, and dump them in my little compost bin every few minutes. Which is not hard, just time consuming, annoying and requires lots of bending and wiping the counter. For some time I just used the sink, then I would have to again scoop out all the cuttings by hand.

And then I suddenly came up with this idea! It is probably not much of a revelation to most of you, but if you are like me, and always looking to save time and energy, consider putting the sieve in the sink! You can peel your veggies into it, leaving the peels in the sieve until you are done prepping, simply washing the veggies or your hands over the sieve. See, its better than a bowl, that collects water, and better than just using a sink with a little mesh in the drain, because its easier to clean.

Now my cooking time is several minutes shorter, and 10 times less bending, that's for sure!