Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just a little sleep deprived.

I haven't slept a full night in so long I think I'm starting to go loopy. How am I supposed to give my kids the best start in life if I don't have a good start to the day?

When people found out my kids were going to be 2 years apart, a common response was 'you're nuts!'. I'm beginning to think they may have been right.

The sad part is, my baby isn't the problem, it's my toddler! When we were planning our second pregnancy, Liam was just over 1 year old and sleeping through the night. We switched him to a twin bed at 1 1/2 so we could get the crib set up for the baby, and it took months before he got used to it. Just before the baby was born was when Liam started sleeping through the night again. We were so relieved, but then when Lucas was born, Liam started waking up again, out of curiosity and possible regression. Liam has been sleeping through the night for months, now he has just started to become a problem again. He is 2 1/2 now, and the dreams and nightmares have started. He was perfectly comfortable sleeping in the dark until recently, now he won't sleep without the door open and the hallway light on. He also has his last molar coming through which is affecting his sleep.

This is really taking a toll on my well being. Some nights both kids take turns waking me up, and I'm lucky to get a couple hours sleep. It doesn't help that my husband works nights so is not there to help me deal with this. He does let me sleep in on his days off which is really appreciated and necessary.

So my coping mechanisms are: 1. Coffee! I didn't even start drinking coffee until i had my 2nd baby. Now I wish breastfeeding would allow me more than 2 cups a day! 2. My parents. They have been an absolute godsend, taking Liam for sleepovers once a week. I am so lucky to have them.

If only I could afford to have my toddler in daycare, life would be bliss. That sounds awful doesn't it? Some days I just can't find the energy for him!

Mind over matter, right?

How do you find the energy for your kids?