Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Little Bedtime Fakers :)

A new trend occurring in our home is (what I hope to be) typical toddler shenanigans :)  Bed time nightmares seem to be starting up again at 2 year old.  Just when I thought we had things down pat!

The latest and greatest of Mr. Jonathan's excuses at bedtime include:

Mommy "snack" :    aka faking that he is hungry.  What kind of mom am I sending my kid to bed hungry?  Right?   So I cave but I am smart about it ;)   I bring in The BANANA!  What does he do you ask?   Says.... ""no mommy...cookie please?  chips please?".  With very good manner of course and the cutest voice.   I think not!  back to bed!

a few minutes of "fussing" later I go back in....

"Mommy.... Poopy Toilet!".  Are you kidding me?  now?   but of course we are toilet training in our house and I don't want to discourage him from using the toilet or telling me that he needs to; so, once again, I cave.    He sits on the toilet for several moments just talking to me about anything and everything.  lol.  Suddenly the potty seat has turned into a drum.  He is banging on it.  He is telling me about how Elmo does PP in the toilet (lol... an excuse I probably used once to get him to go that has stuck).....   Talking about the pictures on the wall.   "Hi mommy...hi mommy".....Tons of genitalia exploration happening on his end (boys will be boys, right?)  God, would you just poop already!   Several minutes later I give up and head him back into bed.  I'm calling another bluff.... he's angry!  so he's crying.  But its way past his bed time.  I know he's tired.  Over tired now.  So I let him fuss a bit.

THEN HE PULLS OUT THE BIG GUNS -->  I hear a noise in his room..... throwing up!     OMG!!!  Is is actually forcing himself to vomit?

Now we need to call in for reinforcements.  DADDY!!!    ...There is vomit everywhere.  Pillows, sheets, carpets,  stuffed animals and all over him.   Mom deals with the baby (another bath time!) while dad deal with the mess (his favourite...NOT!).

After a couple hours of shenanigans he finally gets back into bed and falls asleep.

What's your toddlers bedtime "faking it" routine?  Please share!