Friday, July 27, 2012

Meet the authors: Connie Berenguer

Hello!  My name is Connie Berenguer.  I suppose I am the "visionary" behind the Goober Gang Play Group :)  I gave myself the title of "director" which basically means that I coordinate all the groups running's. 

How did I get myself into this you ask? And why? Well....when my son, Jonathan, was only 4 months old; I began to get the "itch" really bad to get out of the house and meeting other moms and babies.  I didn't understand why I should have to pay to take my son to programs; when really I knew that all he and I really wanted was to just meet other moms and babies in a casual atmosphere and have a good time.  So I grabbed a few friends and moms that I had met at the time and somehow convinced them that starting a "play group" would be a great idea.  Almost 2 years later; low and behold we have grown to over 50 members of moms and babies and now have this new online magazine :)  I am thrilled at the success and so proud of my group of moms!

Before dedicating my heart to motherhood, I was what you can say as typical "corporate girl".   My experience lies in the Marketing and Event Management world.  Now, my primary job is my son (the pay stinks but the kisses are great ;)....but I also own my own event planning, catering and cake decorating business.  If I'm not home schooling, cooking, baking, cleaning, writing, reading, surfing, Facebooking, planning or any of the other millions of things I do with my day, you'll find me planning hour next mom and baby event; which you'll see there are plenty of :)  

I look forward to meeting more Newmarket and Aurora area moms and babies and building even more relationships. I always welcome your ideas and feedback, so please feel free to email them over to