Thursday, November 21, 2013

All Channels Need To Be An Option.

In this world of high speed and high expectations it is ever more important that all channels of sharing ones voice be an option. Each person inner voice is expressed in different ways. If I had a desire to express through words but never learned to write I would feel the same way as if I had a need to creatively share my feelings through artwork but never learned how to use the tools to creatively express. I often hear people say "I wish I had learned to paint/draw" as if it is a missing piece of themselves, a piece that had it been accomplished might have served as an avenue of expression and success. All avenues of expression need to be an option. We know creativity inspires a person In other areas of their lives.

We know creating something that we are connected with and we feel Is beautiful, is up-lifting. We know completing anything give us a feeling of success. If you are a parent who wishes you had explored this creative channel, now is the time to explore it with your child. It is never too late. It will be a wonderful way to connect with your child as you share your excitement over new accomplishments in expression. Together you can explore the joyful splattering of paint, the emotion of colour, the delicate or intense use of line and eventually say what your heart needs to say. Allowing this freedom in yourself will open up this channel much sooner in your child, and he/she will not only enjoy this most beautiful of expressive paths, but will hold dear the fact that you sparked the beginnings of it. Enjoy the journey!!

By Janine Georgiou-Zeck
Artist Educator 

Art classes age 4 and up



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