Monday, August 6, 2012

Easy Peasy Sugar Lemon Scrub

I have always had this complex about germs, I won’t often ask for a sip of your drink, or a bite of your food. I’ve been surprised that over the last few months my ‘germaphobia’ has eased off especially after having a baby. But one thing I have always been very persistent about is hand washing. I probably wash my hands about 100 times in a day! Not to mention I have a bottle of hand sanitizer at every sink, in every purse, in the car,  the diaper bag...pretty much in every corner of my house. So if you are anything like me, then you probably suffer from extremely dry hands all the time- cracked knuckles, dry cuticles, rough palms. I came across a quick, super easy and cost-friendly solution that really leaves your hands (or anywhere on your body) feeling hydrated and rejuvenated.    

Sugar Lemon Scrub

Sugar (The coarser the sugar the more exfoliating, I used fine white sugar
Lemon and zest
Oil (your choice)
Mason Jar for storage (dollar store)      

At Christmas time I decided that I wanted to make the majority of my gifts (because being on Maternity doesn’t really leave a lot of room for buying elaborate gifts, and because I was feeling ‘crafty’). I made a big batch and jarred it to give away. Since I was making a big batch of the scrub I used much larger measurements then if you were making it for yourself so I would suggest one part of oil to two parts of sugar and to start with the juice from half a lemon. I used olive oil as my choice and found that by adding lemon zest it didn’t leave you with much of the ‘olive oil’ scent.  Just mix it all together and pour into your mason jar for storage.
 I leave mine by the kitchen sink and when I’m done the dishes, scrub a spoonful onto my hands for at least a minute and rinse off with warm water. I’ve even caught Jon, my partner, using it daily on his hands after work!
 Feel free to use it anywhere that gets dry! Feet, hands, elbows, knees, really you can use it as a full body scrub...It exfoliates well from the sugar, locks in the moisture from the oil, and leaves you feeling fully invigorated from the lemon! Not to mention it smells like you just had a day at the spa! What busy mom doesn’t love that feeling?